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Growing up, I was always physically active. It was just something that came natural in my family as my parents are both the outdoorsy type and physically fit themselves. I did gymnastics and then switched to figure skating which lasted until I was in grade six.

I have always enjoyed running and working out. In grade school, I ran cross country and had fun doing it. In highschool, I joined Goodlife Fitness and it became a morning routine for my Mom and I to head to the gym before school. My friends thought I was crazy to be waking up so early but it was something I looked forward to doing (Loser, I know). When I went away to University I continued working out on a daily basis and began to run outside for something different. I did everything I could to avoid gaining the freshman fifteen. I really loved it. In 2007, I decided that I really wanted to start training and planned to run my first half marathon in May 2007. My cousin would send me weekly training schedules that I would follow. Due to a change in plans I was unable to run it but was able to run my first half marathon in May 11, 2008. Since that day, I’ve been hooked on running and racing. The rush and emotion of crossing the finish line after such hard work and dedication in training is just so worth it.

First 5km race in 2006

Racing to finish after running in the pouring rain for just under 2hr.

Since then I have ran five half marathons and quite a few 5 and 10km races. I’m definitely not an elite runner, although I am a dedicated one. I love to push myself and make myself work hard… but I think what I love the most are the benefits of running.

It seems that after each half marathon I’ve ran, I would take a break and then have to start training and building a base all over again which I regretted every time! Now that I’m training for my first ever 30km race, afterwards, I am hoping going to make sure that doesn’t happen. Accountablility is key!

In January 2011, for the first time ever, I joined a local running group and I now training with them. I can’t believe I waited this long to join… I absolutely love it! I was so scared unsure when I registered since I was so used to running by myself however I am SO glad I took the chance and joined the RE team.

For me, running not only helps me stay fit but it also allows me to push myself physically and mentally. Running drives and encourages me even more to live a healthy lifestyle. It gives me clarity, health, and discipline and just makes me feel good all around. 


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