18 Feb

Turn it down and a hilly run

Let’s talk about something for a minute…

Have you ever scared someone while running? You know,.. you go to pass a person walking and although you give them a heads up, they don’t hear you because they have their headphones on and music blaring?  That has happened to me many of times. Normally if someone is ahead of me, I will either say "runner on the left" or "runner on the right" and pass them.  When I was nearing the end of my run on Thursday, I was coming up to a girl waiting for the bus, her back was to me and then she moved to the middle of the sidewalk and was blocking the entire walkway, unaware that I was coming. Well, once I got fairly close to her (this happened quickly) I said "excuse me" at least twice. Anyways, she jumped and screamed (because I obviously startled her), I didn’t stop and say sorry because well, I was motoring along and there really wasn’t a reason to apologize. Don’t people understand that it can be dangerous to be completely engrossed in their music, unaware of their surroundings and the things going on around them? TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN PEOPLE or at least take ONE headphone out so you can hear what’s going on around you. I find it SO frustrating!!! Just recently, a teenage boy was hit by a train and died. Why? because he had his headphones on and wasn’t paying attention. Be considerate of those around you by being more aware of what’s going on…. SERIOUSLY!

Ok, I’m done…. Anyways…

Yesterday, I hit the gym for an easy workout. Thirty minutes on the elliptical, some stretching and a bit of abs. I was happy with that as I had to force myself to go. Every little bit counts, right?!
radioactive-runnerI ran long today with the Runner’s Edge crew and it felt sooooo good! In the beginning, I was a little worried because my legs felt really tight but thankfully they loosened up and I was able to find my groove. It was a HILLY route today but that’s okay, it was a nice change and so beautiful out; a light snow fall from last night, the sun was shining and there was only a light wind.  I ran with my running buddy from last year and it was so great to run with him again and catch up. Thanks for a great run, Anthony! There were times where I definitely felt tired but we pushed through and man did it feel good. Considering how awful my last few runs have gone, I was sooooo happy with todays run and felt so accomplished for running [26.35km] strong!  What better way than to start out a Saturday… spending time with great people, running – that not only helps my body but clears my mind, and taking advantage of the beautiful Region we live in. I love it!

I came home wanting to have some form of protein but knew I couldn’t stomach a green shake like I normally do, so I opted for some cottage cheese, strawberries and added a teaspoon of dulce de leche for some sweetness.  YUM! This was my first time trying this combination and it was TASTY!

How did you start out YOUR weekend?!

Do you run/walk with headphones or what’s your opinion on this topic?

~ Run hard, eat well and live better!

16 Feb

Catch up and Good news

Happy Thursday all!

I know it’s been awhile but it’s for good reason. I was away for a few days so let’s do some catch up…

Friday, I worked with my handsome man shooting a wedding. I just LOVE capturing weddings. It’s such an honour to be such a big part of someone’s day and to witness their love for one another. 

Saturday, I had a 22km run planned and all mapped out but with only getting a few (4) hours of sleep and a crazy windy snow storm, I opted out and decided I would wait until Sunday. Apparently, the one time I forgot to check the weather network, I missed the heads up on the snow storm. Lesson learned.IMG_3209Sunday came around and to be honest, I was not looking forward to my run. It was still really windy and snowy out and the roads were not ploughed which makes for hard footing, especially on country roads. Due to procrastinating and having to get home and be ready for a meeting with a client, I only ran 15km. Considering the conditions, the first part of my run was pretty good. I focused on my taking smaller steps because I did NOT want to fall! The second part was just nasty from the wind! Thankfully, I had made arrangements with my Mom and she came to check on me at a certain point and tell me the time (I forgot my watch). Thanks Mom! For about the last 5km she followed me and then I hopped in for a ride home. If she wasn’t there, I probably would have crawled into the ditch and cried.
IMG_3214I actually ran with a stranger for about 10-15 minutes of my run. I know, that sounds so bad but thankfully he turned out to be a nice guy and not some weirdo. He is also training for Around The Bay and it will be his first time running it. I didn’t scare him too much, just told him to do his hills and prepare himself mentally. Something I need to do myself but we’re not talking about that right now, are we… It was nice to see another crazy out there embracing the elements and running! That’s exactly what G-Man called me when I got home – “crazy”.
IMG_3217Monday, I had planned to wake up early and use the spin bike for awhile but I just didn’t feel like it, so I didn’t. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Monday was a big day though. I had my annual check up with my Nuclear Medicine doctor and for the first time since my diagnosis in 2007, I heard the words "You are CANCER FREE"!  I was obviously VERY happy!! I think for every cancer survivor (at least, I feel this way) that even if you hear the words "Cancer Free" the fear of it returning will always be there. There was a huge sense of fear for me after my surgery…about my surgeon not being able to remove all the tissue and the thought that every ache and pain was cancer. With that being said, I couldn’t live like that and had to get over that fear. Not necessarily block it out, just learn how to live with it. Who wants to live their life feeling scared all of the time? I don’t! So anyways, I was happy to hear that I’m in the clear!!

Tuesday, I woke up at 5:30am and went to the gym with the Madre. I went on the elliptical for a half hour, stretched and then ran back to my parents place which was about a 10km run. It was an okay run. My legs felt very heavy. Fast forward to today’s run — my legs felt extremely heavy again. It was awful – I thought about cutting it short many times but forced myself to run 15km. I didn’t enjoy it and tried to "positive talk" myself but it wasn’t flying. Throughout my run, I actually thought about whether or not I should sell my bib since my last few runs have completely sucked. I didn’t make a final decision but the thought is there. We’ll see..

Rewind to Tuesday.. look what I came home to: valentines-day-chocolateIsn’t G-Man sweet?! I think Valentines Day is definitely over rated but thought it was very sweet of him to think of me!

6 Feb

Going with the flow

It’s a beautiful Monday and I hope you are taking full advantage of it!

This weekend seemed to go by quickly although one thing that does stand out in my mind is my 20km run that I did accomplish on Saturday morning.  In the past, I would always think about my long runs before hand, worrying about hydrating, eating right and sometimes I would get nervous (I have no idea why). In this case, it hardly crossed my mind, mainly because I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t even sure if I would be able to run. After feeling sick to my stomach during the night, I woke up to my alarm and told myself to just give it a try and if I really didn’t feel good I would just come home. I felt relaxed and really had no expectations when I laced up and headed out. 

Needless to say I ran the best 22.13km I’ve ever ran! The weather was beautiful; no wind, it wasn’t cold out and the sun was shining. I ran with the Runners’ Edge crew, specifically with two of my running buddies that I trained with last year and it was soo nice to run with them again. Thanks for a great run guys!! Once I got into the zone”, I was surprised at how good I felt…so grateful to be able to run, surrounded by such beauty on such a gorgeous morning. I was so wishing I had my camera though!  radioactive-runner-fuelI had two Gu Chomps that I had left over and a vanilla bean GU. I haven’t had GU gel in years. Before, I found the texture made it so hard to get down but for some reason I really liked it on Saturday. Funny how things change eh!  I think the main reason why I had such a good run is because mentally, I felt so relaxed. When I registered for Around The Bay, I had no expectations and told myself to just go with the flow and quite frankly, I’m enjoying it that way!

The rest of the weekend was low key and spent relaxing with the famjam. Except for the fact that I wanted want to eat everything in sight and it’s driving me crazzzy. I feel so hungry and I may or may not have bought a bag of mini eggs which isn’t helping. Thankfully, I haven’t ate the whole bag… yet.mini-eggsI got out the door early this morning and ran 12.5km. It wasn’t that great but I wasn’t too concerned… just glad I burned some off those mini eggs off.. I joke, I joke. I ate more when I got home anyways.

What was the highlight of your weekend?!
~ My long run and spending time with my family of course!

Did you watch the Superbowl?
~No!! I’m not a football fan.



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