April Flowers

2 Apr 2012 by Radioactive Runner, 6 Comments »

Happy APRIL!  Can you believe another Month is upon us already? 

I don’t have much of a recap from the weekend. I don’t think it’s worth reporting that I may have ate too much ice cream and really enjoyed my handsome man’s cooking of authentic Mexican food. I just love his cooking and spicy flavours!

Saturday morning, we woke up to SNOW and I so did not want to go out for a run in it. Instead, I did level 3 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown. I was wiped out! I was kind of regretting putting it on level 3 within the first two minutes but I pushed through and had a great workout. I few years ago, I never would have thought of doing a workout video, it just wasn’t "my thing"  … but they can kick some serious butt and are perfect when time is limited.

G-Man wandered off to the Market while I got my sweat on and look what he surprised me with gerber-baby-flowers-colorsgerber-baby-flowers-colorsHe sure knows how to brighten my day! I have the most caring, loving and sweetest husband EVER! Ok, enough with the mushy gushy, right..
This morning I had an awesome 10km run under the sun and enjoyed every second of it. I pushed myself to go faster and to keep a steady pace. LOVE that feeling and can’t wait for the next one!

How about some motivation for a Monday? These Nike ads never get old:nike(click image for source)
What’s your favourite: Mexican food, Italian food or Chinese food?
~ I really love Mexican.. but I think Italian is a close tie

If you could workout with any famous personal trainer, who would it be?
~ umm.. let me think about that for a second… DOLVETT, obviously!


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  1. lindsay says:

    I know, april already!?!! What?! But i am glad.

    Dying to try jillian michaels yoga.

  2. Jamie Walker says:

    sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend – I would love to try those DVDs – I’ve never really done workout DVDs but think it would be fun to try. Also, love love love the motivational poster! ;)

  3. Mari-Ann says:

    Hey! I LOVE AGUA CHILE. Have you ever had that? The raw shrimp often scares people… Paulo loves tortillas with the works, I love latin food in general :):) you are so blessed girl!!

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