Happy Spring and a set back

20 Mar 2012 by Radioactive Runner, 4 Comments »

Happy sunny Tuesday and first day of Spring to you!!

We have been spoiled with beautiful weather around here, it’s unbelievable! I actually broke out the flip-flops this weekend.. but let’s back up a little bit, shall we?

Last Friday morning, after a cup of coffee and some light stretching, I was out the door for a 17km run. The weather was perfect, I remembered not to overdress and was determined for a good run and that it was! Near the end, my stomach was a little woozy from the caffeine and lack of food but all and all it was a great run. I don’t know what my pace was but what I do know is that it felt awesome to start my day out hitting the pavement.
radioactive-runner-post-runAfter packing the car up, Friday evening we headed to my parents house for the weekend because we had some meetings with clients in that area. One of my best girlfriends had a baby last week and She is the first in my close group of girlfriends to have a baby and we are SO thrilled for her! Of course, I had to see him and he is just SO precious! Congrats Lauren!! The awesome blogger that I am, I forgot my camera but here’s a pic just for fun from an event in November
radioactive-runner-best-friendsSaturday morning came around and I woke up aching and not feeling so hot. I managed to pull myself together and get through the meetings with clients and had a good day with G-Man.g-man-radioactive-runner-coffee-culture Saturday evening we sat around the campfire [in the middle of March] in our TSHIRTS! How crazy is that? I am definitely not complaining!  The partier that I am, I turned in early for a good nights rest.
camp-fireSunday morning I woke up feeling worse with no energy. It really just felt like sharp – pressured like lower abdominal pain. If you’ve noticed the last little while I haven’t posted any TRX, abs, or HIIT workouts and that’s because for over a month now I haven’t been able to do any ab workouts (which is a huge bummer; I love that burn!) because I have a lump that has been causing me trouble and when I do certain exercises it’s be more painful. Anyways, I thought that’s what the pain was from.

G-Man had a photo shoot scheduled around lunch time and since I’m his "lovely assistant", I went with him and thought I could help him with no problems. Man, was I wrong! Shortly after the stylist and models arrived, I started feeling really rough. I almost passed out, ended up heaving in the bathroom and had to call my mom to come and get me. I felt so bad that happened. I left G-Man to do his job – he probably loved being in a room full of beautiful women!
ANYWAYS, fast forward to today… the photo shoot was a success! Apparently, I have gastroenteritis (inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract) which could last 3-10 days (that has no relation to the lump – my Doctor originally thought it was a hernia [which is no biggie] but after two ultra sounds coming back negative we’re not sure).

Oh yeah, ATB IS IN 4 DAYS. I managed to eat a piece of toast today which is more than the last three days and have been trying to stay hydrated with Gatorade and popsicles. I REALLY want to run the race that I have worked so hard towards but with how I’m feeling I’m not sure it’s possible. I’ll decide tomorrow what I’m going to do. If I can’t run it, I need to give enough time to sell my bib. The two most important things during race week are fueling and hydration, two things which I’ve obviously been lacking. Fingers crossed things work out in my favour.

Have you ever had to cancel a race due to injury or illness?

What are you doing today on the first day of SPRING?


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  1. Mari-Ann says:

    Hey Sabrina! Good on ya for those great runs! It’s always important to try and remember the good ones when the toughies are at your door.

    I hope things work out for you with the race. That would be a total bummer to have to cancel, but you know, that training hasn’t really gone to waste, has it? Look how far you’ve come! So admirable in itself. Don’t worry if things don’t go well. Everything happens for a reason and you’ve got to listen to your body.

    Spring Day 1 – Out with the pup like 3+ times today – run, walk, doggie park, so nice!! B) stay cool girl!

    • Sabrina says:

      Hey girl! So glad you are enjoying this nice weather and getting out with the pup! That’s a good way to get out the door too.. because even if you don’t want to, there’s no choice when there’s a doggy involved, right?! :)

      and I totally agree with you that my training has not gone to waste.. whatever I decide, I still enjoyed the training and pushing myself.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hey Sabrina! I’m so sorry to hear about your pain and the sick episode…I’m glad you’re doing okay though (I did get a little nervous when I heard about the lump! – and on that note, Mikey seems to be okay too; thanks for asking).

    Sounds rough to go into the race so dehydrated and without much fuel! I’ve never had to cancel a race before but I’d say just try to not listen to your emotions but your body. If you can start and feel okay then keep going and bring good fuel and water! If not, pull out…that would be my advice. I hope you can go for it though!! :D It’s for sure worth trying.

    I miss you and G-Man! Hope your health keeps improving and life keeps bringing you warm nights around the campfires. ;) Love ya!

  3. Sabrina says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words and advice, Bonnie. I so appreciate your messages. I’m STILL undecided but I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

    I am SO glad Mikey is okay. I was really worried when I read his message. Don’t worry about my lump :) I went to the doc’s today and she still thinks it’s a hernia. I have an appointment with the surgeon next month.. so we’ll see.

    I miss you guys too!! Cheers to you and Mikey and good health for all of us, right. love you guys! xoxo

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